Thursday, 16 January 2020

Blitz Scale-up

Blitz Scale-up

Dr. Amartya Kumar Bhattacharya
BCE (Hons.) ( Jadavpur ), MTech ( Civil ) ( IIT Kharagpur ), PhD ( Civil ) ( IIT Kharagpur ), Cert.MTERM ( AIT Bangkok ), CEng(I), FIE, FACCE(I), FISH, FIWRS, FIPHE, FIAH, FAE, MIGS, MIGS – Kolkata Chapter, MIGS – Chennai Chapter, MISTE, MAHI, MISCA, MIAHS, MISTAM, MNSFMFP, MIIBE, MICI, MIEES, MCITP, MISRS, MISRMTT, MAGGS, MCSI, MIAENG, MMBSI, MBMSM
Chairman and Managing Director,
MultiSpectra Consultants,
23, Biplabi Ambika Chakraborty Sarani,
Kolkata – 700029, West Bengal, INDIA.

Blitz Scale-up. What is it? Simply put, it is a rapid scaling-up by building an array of services around your core profession. Let us suppose that your core profession is Civil Engineering. Then, if you found a start-up with a core business of Civil Engineering, you will need to make publications, create media in the form of photographs, audios, slideshows and videos and, if you are rather more technically inclined, create software as well.

Now, each of these, publications, media and software, can be spun-off into separate entities and leveraged to scale-up the start-up at a lightening speed.

What I have mentioned above is just one example of blitz scale-up. There may be other activities that you are doing in your business which you may leverage for faster business growth using the blitz scale-up model.

The blitz scale-up model is just one of the techniques you should use to boost your start-up. There are other business strategies and tactics that should be dove-tailed with the blitz scale-up strategy.

At this point, it should be clearly understood that blitz scale-up is a strategy and not a tactic. What is the difference between strategy and tactics? Strategy is a high-level activity, planned so that a business gets from state x to state y. In contrast, tactics are specific activities designed so as to achieve the aim of a strategy.

To summarise, blitz scale-up is a very effective strategy to scale-up a start-up. The blitz scale-up model is a proprietary scale-up model developed by MultiSpectra Consultants as part of its overall growth strategy. MultiSpectra Consultants is ready to share the knowledge base developed by it regarding blitz scale-up with any company in the world and any company desiring to know more about the same should contact MultiSpectra Consultants.

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